Complete Add-on List

Complete Add-on List

Our Complete Add-on List! Welcome to our comprehensive resource where we share the secrets behind the successful add-ons used in our party business. This is your one-stop destination to discover our exclusive DIY plans for creating stunning backdrops, as well as a detailed list of where we source our add-on inventory. Whether you’re looking to replicate our popular add-ons or seeking inspiration to develop your own, we provide all the information you need.

In this section, you’ll find:

  1. DIY Backdrop Plans: Get access to our 3 DIY plans that guide you through creating eye-catching backdrops, perfect for any party theme.
  2. Inventory Sources: We reveal where we source our high-quality add-on items, so you can equip your business with similar exceptional products.
  3. Top Selling Add-Ons: Learn about our top-selling add-ons that have proven to be a hit in our events, offering you insights into what clients love and seek.
  4. Boosting Revenue with Add-Ons: Understand how selling these add-ons not only enhances the party experience but also significantly increases your revenue streams.
  5. Customizing Party Experiences: See how these add-ons add a special touch to each event, making every celebration unique and memorable.

Our goal is to help you elevate your party business by offering add-ons that not only bring in more income but also enrich the overall event experience. With our guidance, you can confidently expand your service offerings and impress your clients with creative and personalized touches.


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