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Extra Large Teepee Sets with Diy Plans

Step into a world of imagination and creativity with our Extra-Large Teepee Sets, complete with user-friendly DIY Plans. Designed for those who love to add a personal touch to their events, our teepee sets are more than just party accessories; they are gateways to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re planning a magical slumber party, a unique outdoor event, or a cozy family gathering, our teepees provide the perfect backdrop. The DIY Plans ensure that you can build and customize your teepee with fabric, making each event uniquely yours. Get ready to transform any space into an enchanting haven with our Extra-Large Teepee Sets.

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Our Extra-Large Teepee Sets: Elevating Your Business and Personal Events

Kickstart your journey into the world of event planning or elevate your personal celebrations with our set of 6 white teepees. These aren’t just any teepees; they’re designed to accommodate not just kids, but also teens and adults, ensuring everyone can join in the fun. 

6 Extra Large White Teepees

Two pink stars on a white background.
Two pink stars on a white background.

DIY Plans To Create Your Own Teepee


Here's How Our Teepees Set You Apart And Add Value

Our teepee sets are more than just party supplies; they’re a gateway to creating memorable, inclusive, and enjoyable experiences for all ages. Whether for your business or personal use, they offer the flexibility, fun, and uniqueness that will make your events stand out.

  1. Versatile Size: Our extra-large teepees stand out from the typical small teepees. They’re spacious enough for adults, making them perfect for a wide range of events, from children’s parties to adult gatherings like girls’ nights.

  2. High Demand and Popularity: In our party business, these teepees are a hit. Customers rave about the unique experience they offer, highlighting how they cater to all age groups. This popularity can be a key selling point for your own business.

  3. DIY Customization Plans: Along with the teepees, we provide DIY plans, empowering you to build more teepees or customize them with different fabrics. This flexibility allows you to create a variety of themes and settings, from whimsical children’s parties to elegant adult soirées.

  4. Expand Your Business or Personal Use: Whether you’re starting a party business or planning events for your kids and their friends, these teepees and DIY plans open up a world of possibilities. Customize them for specific themes, or keep them elegant and simple – the choice is yours.

  5. Unique Market Position: By offering teepees that everyone can enjoy, you set your business apart from others that only cater to young children. This broader appeal can help attract a wider range of clients.

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Pink teepee tents for a girl's birthday party.
Four different shades of pink, brown, and beige.
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A birthday party set up with the Ultimate Movie Night Setup Training Package - Transform Your Events.
Four different shades of pink, brown, and beige.


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Transform your event planning business with our enchanting teepee party rentals. Ideal for a wide array of occasions, from magical children’s birthday parties to elegant adult gatherings, our teepees offer a unique and versatile solution that caters to a diverse clientele. By incorporating our teepee rentals into your services, you not only enhance your portfolio but also tap into a growing trend in the event industry. These stylish and spacious teepees are perfect for creating memorable, Instagram-worthy events that appeal to all ages. Offering teepee rentals is more than just an addition to your business; it’s a step towards capturing new market segments, increasing revenue, and ensuring customer delight. Our teepees are not just a product; they’re an experience – one that leaves lasting impressions and drives repeat business. Elevate your event offerings with our teepee rentals and watch as your business flourishes in this exciting niche.

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